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Monday, October 4, 2010

Scrapbook Challenge!!! Oct. 1-8!

I'm working on Anne's D2D book. (Diapers2Diploma) Oh my God, my baby's a senior!!! I just can't stand it. She's all ready to enlist on November 22nd. I'm going to be the fewest and proudest mother of a United States Marine. Wow! So, my game plan now is to get as many pages done every week so I'm not going crazy......well crazier than normal......next June.
The them for the challenge was brown, gold, chipboard, ribbon, yarn, etc..... Mine's not really brown or gold, but the ribbon is there. The year she was born, fall came really late and the colors were stunning. The background and bottom-right pic is our backyard. Actually, that's our house in back of the geese. Doesn't look like that anymore. Trees are ever so much bigger and they've built other homes across the pond now. I even tried my hand at photomasking some leaves. It never occurred to me that I could mask just about any shape so I'm having fun with that.
I'm doing the book in 11x8.5 so I can maybe have a small Shutterfly book made for her later. I like that size for sending with her 'cuz it's not the overwhelming size of a 12x12.
Anyway, hope you like it. I hope she'll like it.
Take care.
Love and Blessings.

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