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Sunday, September 11, 2016

I SCRAPBOOKED! I really, really scrapbooked!

I'm sorry I have shared in such a long time. This summer has been quite cathartic for me. I was in a horrible funk last year; those of you who know me know why. The Day(s) Our Lives Changed Forever..., in case you're interested. But ya know what? We're recovering. We're strong. We're resilient. And we have loads to live for. Not the least of which are these three! 
OMG! Our grandkids are so much fun! Kolten is 6-and-a-half and just started 1st grade. He's a pistol. Very smart, very good-looking, very fun to be with. Caddie is going to be FOUR in November!!! WHEN did that happen?!? She's the sweetest thing. Smile that won't quit, very mischievous, dimples that dig for miles and allow her to get away with way too much. Best part is she really loves to be with us. She's sad when she has to leave and gives us HUGE hugs when she bounds in the door to visit! Hunter. Oh our Hunter. He's a boy's boy! Into EVERYTHING! We had those two for a month this summer. I don't think I've said "no", "stop", "don't do that" as much in my life as I did in that month! But he's just a joy. What better way to wake up in the morning than to have a 1-year-old reaching up to have you pull him up for a hug? 

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But one of the highlights of my summer came at the technical end of summer. The day after Labor Day, I received an email that I'd been praying for. I'd made the Pickleberrypop Layout Creative Team!!! Holy cow! The designers there are amazing and there's SO MANY of them. I've followed Created by Jill for years, along with Jennifer Labre, PrelestnayaP, Designs by Laura Burger, and too many others. Now, I work for them, creating layouts with their wonderful kits! HERE is the FIRST!

                  Blendits Layered Template 21                 Silly Silly Shenanigans ~ MEGA Collection
                   Blendits21 by Created by Jill            silly silly shenanigans by jumpstart designs             
                                                Unconditional Love - Fusion Kit (a PBP Exclusive!)
                          (grandchild word art) unconditional love by created by jill

That's all for now! 
Have a GREAT day!
Be Safe!
Love and Blessings!

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