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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

S2L Scrapbook Challenge: Dec. 28, 2008- Jan. 4, 2009!!!

Ever with your guy at a football game and notice his eyes wander over to the sidelines.......You know he's watching the cheerleaders. Well, in our case, it's okay because Anne's earned a spot on the danceline and it's one of the best in the state! She's having a ball! Now, some might say the danceline isn't a sport, but in Lakeville, there's no other team that practices the amount of time that the Lake-Liners do; 3 hours a day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Even the football players are amazed and impressed. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that the girls can kick their legs over their heads or jump up in a Russian leap and land in the splits........

So, here's my SPORTS layout. To heck with the game, the real entertainment is behind the bench!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Scrapbook Challenge- December 14-21!!!

Anne and I have been to lots of weddings in the past few months.....this one, however, was last night!!! Drove through SIX inches of blowing snow to get there! Anne was the date of one of the groomsmen and there family was kind enough to ask me to stay with her during the wedding. They'd asked if I wanted to attend the reception, but I let Anne do that on her own. SHE HAD A BLAST! As she tells it, EVERYONE wanted to dance with her and talk to her and thought she was "hot"! Uh-oh! Don't tell Daddy. It was such a beautiful wedding. Even the snow was gorgeous, all big, fluffy flakes..........just lots of them.
It's not exactly blue, brown, pink and beige, but it's "anything"!!! I'm going with the anything part of the challenge this week. It does have blue and the bling is kind of "beige-y" and the "pink" is just more RED-ish-ish-ish. Whatever works.
Please check out my providers for this digi-layout:
double heart-PandabearDesigns
blue stars bkgrd-BooLandDesigns
Thanks to all the wonderful designers who share their talents so I can play!!! Most of them are from right here in "blogspot" land.........

Monday, December 8, 2008

Scrapbook Challenge- December 7-14!!!

I am so very excited! This is the first layout challenge I've actually completed in a month! This one was way too easy. I love red and gold. I collect red and gold. This event was one of the best too. The pretty, pretty blonde is the younger sister of the beautiful brunette, both of whom babysat Anne and Lacy when they were young. Shannon and Anne have been bestest-buds ever since. "Shanny" went to college in AZ where she met Bren. She would take Anne to Twins games or cheer Anne on at her softball games when she was home. Breezy and Shanny were the reason Anne started playing softball. Bren is a great guy and also treats Anne very special. They got married in Hawaii last June, but that was way too much $$ so we joined the entire neighborhood etal. at a MAJOR bash in September in MN. I got the background papers from FLASHGRAPHICS (a fantastic digi-scrap group) and the ornaments (don't they just "look" Hawaiian?!?!?!) from vianne-creativedesigns (talk about creative!)

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