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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Good Life Vol. 12

Queen Wild Scraps has another great template set available today. The Good Life Vol. 12 is perfect for lots of photos or your Project Life/P52 style layouts. It is available starting today at Scraps-N-Pieces and tomorrow at Gingerscraps for 40% off through December 4th. QWS_TGL12_previewGSweb QWS_TGL12_previewSNPweb

BekkiQWS_TGL12_Bekki1 CarlaQWS_TGL12_Carla1 DawnQWS_TGL12_Dawn1 HenriettQWS_TGL12_Henriett1JenniferQWS_TGL12_Jennifer1Jennifer NQWS_TGL12_JenniferN1 QWS_TGL12_JenniferN2 Queen LahniQWS_TGL12_Lahni1 QWS_TGL12_Lahni2 QWS_TGL12_Lahni3 LoriQWS_TGL12_Lori1 QWS_TGL12_Lori2 SheriQWS_TGL12_Sheri1 QWS_TGL12_Sheri2TeresaQWS_TGL12_Teresa2TinaQWS_TGL12_Tina1TrinityQWS_TGL12_Trinity1

Stay tuned! Queen Wild Scraps has some awesome stuff for Bits-N-Pieces and the Gingerscraps Buffet releasing soon.
Love and Blessings.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Here's a message from LilyAnn...

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  I've been busy with family and designing.  I'm actually caught up on my designing for once!  My son, who is in third grade, is struggling in school this year and we spent almost an hour a night on homework. There are tears many nights.  What's the hardest is that I'm a teacher and I can't help him overcome his "it's too hard" fear.  So what little computer time I do have, I'm catching up with news or designing.
I've put a couple of things my store at GDS.  For my new fans everything will seem new to you.  "Castin' My Spell" and "Stan and Stella" I had in my "old" store and brought them back.
I've also put "Autumn Splendor" in my store.  It was one of my entries in the Next Designer Contest at The Studio.  I'm planning to put the other two entries for that contest in my store soon too!  Stay tuned.
I have two new sets of templates in the store for the Mixology for this month.  They will be on sale for $1.20 for the first week of release ending on November 30th.
Here is what my amazing team of "Stars" and a few Supreme Team members have done with these super fun templates.
My son is turning 9 on November 28th and my husband is turning 47 on November 29th.  I've decided to have everyone celebrate.  My whole store (except mixology and daily downloads) will be on sale for 9+47=56.   
56% off
Love and Blessings.....And Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

State of Mind: East Coast

Today, we're continuing our journey across America. State of Mind: East Coast contains the East Coast states of Connecticut, New Nersey, New York and Rhode Island. While perfect for completing your fifty states album, these templates can also be used for non-state layouts. Carla removed the state shape and increased the size of the photo blocking and Tina turned Connecticut's state shape into a thought bubble. State of Mind: East Coast is available today at Scraps-N-Pieces and tomorrow at Gingerscraps 40% off through November 27th.QWS_SOMEC_previewgsweb

CarlaQWS_SOMEC_Carla1 QWS_SOMEC_Carla2DawnQWS_SOMEC_Dawn1 QWS_SOMEC_Dawn2 HenriettQWS_SOMEC_Henriett1 Jennifer NQWS_SOMEC_JenniferN1 KristalQWS_SOMEC_Kristal1 Queen LahniQWS_SOMEC_Lahni1 LoriQWS_SOMEC_Lori1 MeleahQWS_SOMEC_Meleah1 SheriQWS_SOMEC_Sheri1 TeresaQWS_SOMEC_Teresa1 TinaQWS_SOMEC_Tina1 TrinityQWS_SOMEC_Trinity1

Love and Blessings

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Queen Wild Scraps' DSD Template Sets Release Individually

Did you have fun at all the events during DSD weekend? I sure did. So many good deals available. Don't worry if you missed Queen Wild Scraps' DSD Template Grab Bag. All the template sets have come out of the bag and are being released individually. Starting today at SNP and tomorrow at Gingerscraps, you can pick up each template set for 40% off. Each ad will take you directly to that template set at the ad-specific store.
 Love and Blessings

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