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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Virtual Crop!

(thanks to Shelly, for the words below, blatantly copied from her post!!!)
Just One Piece

For the past couple of days I've been participating in something called a Virtual Crop. Thanks to the World Wide Web scrapbook creators can stay home surrounded by all of their stuff AND be together as they create. Basically it works like this …

1 - Someone is in charge (I'm always happy about that as long it's not me.)
2 - That someone puts together an event and invites people no matter where they live. The event I was at happened on Facebook.
3 - That someone also puts up a challenge or a question every hour or so.
4 - People at home create according to the challenges and answer the questions. Then photos are posted showing each interpretation of any given challenge. That's where it really gets to be fun.
5 - There's "conversation" through the comments on FB and various postings along the way. It's as busy as an actual room full of chatty paper creating girls.

I'm looking forward to "attending" again next month.  Let me know if you'd like an invite!

Here's some of my favorite layouts from this weekend.

 A wedding that we didn't get to attend led to a blow-out reception where we all got our groove on!

 Some fun stuff from the fall of 2008.
Next FB Virtual Crop is December 20-21.  Should be good times with friends right up until our Marine arrives home for Christmas.  Then I guess I'll just have to hang with her and our granddaughter and take pix to put in new layouts for the JANUARY crop!!!  

Hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving with family and/or friends.  
Love and Blessings!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Born to scrap...forced to work.

I can't believe it!  I just cannot believe it.  I achieved my goal of completing 213 layouts in 2013.  
Now, mind you, this isn't my 213th layout.  NO!  This is so much more important!  THIS is Caddie!!!  Is she just the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?  Our granddaughter is 1 year old as of last Saturday, November 2, 2013.  LOOK at that face!  LOOK at those dimples!  Her mom's pretty cute too. (upper left, Anna, with bestie, Christy)
We were so Blessed to be able to visit them, in NJ, in August.  We're so very proud of Anne, serving in the United States Marine Corps.  We know it's hard to be so far away from us, but it's really hard for us to be so far away from them too.  Caddie has the greatest personality.  Sometimes, I actually feel sorry for Anne.  I mean, just look at those eyes.  There's definitely some mischief in those eyes.  

We got to go out to the beach twice while we were there.  The wonderful part?  We got to go and enjoy the sun, sand, surf and we got to spend money in Seaside Heights to help Restore the Shore!!! and we met some GREAT people.  The horrible part?  Yeah, most of where we visited went up in flames a week later.  SO sad.  But they WILL come back again!  They're fighters out there.  No doubt.
Love and Blessings!

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