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Friday, June 8, 2012

More Scrap Pages...Only Two Months Behind...56 out of 212

Oh Good Lord!
Obviously, I'm so NOT good at keeping up with my blogging or my posting scrap pages or anything in general.   So, here are a couple of my pages...my favorites of the last couple months.
I love this because it has several pix of our first nephew, Alex, born 13 weeks early!!!  And he was the cutest peanut!  He and our daughter, Anne, were best buds and still are.  

I was excited about these two because I'm still working on my youngest daughter's DD book.  Well, I guess I got a bit carried away with picture-taking................duh and I really decided I needed to consolidate.  So I began doing Hilite double layouts.  She had a busy year.  
Now this one still makes me cry.  The groom is a former student.  The groomsman in the top right is a former student.  The beauty on his arm is our daughter, Anne.  It was an amazing event and the three of us moms were sobbing.  When I asked who we were crying for, both said, "we don't KNOW!"  hehehe.........
This was from my first trip to Edisto Island, SC.  Mom took us three girls down for a special Girl Only trip.  We picked up Aunt Joye in Rock Hill and headed down.  We spent two days in Charleston, two days in Savannah and finished off by hitting the Biltmore Mansion on the day before we left for home.
Since I'd been there only a year before, Freddy bowed to me to plan our trip down to pick up Anne from USMC Boot Camp.  Again, we flew into Charlotte and stopped to visit Uncle Roger and Aunt Joye, but went immediately down to Charleston and stayed there for two days.  On the third we decided to head towards Savannah again, but got waylaid ..................... ALL the way out on Folly Beach!  What a find!  Would go there again in a minute!  And plan to.....................
And our GOAL!  To grab our little peanut! after 13 weeks of Boot Camp!  We couldn't have been more proud!  First we get to see and hear her after 13 weeks of nothing but letters.  And to add to our thrill, she was promoted during Boot Camp for being in the top 10 of her entire battalion!!!  She was pinned by the Commander and had lunch with some big-wigs!
So, that's not all of them, but that is what I've been doing for the past couple of months!  
Love and Blessings, my friends!

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