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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I just realized that I hadn't updated our cover photo in FIVE YEARS!!!
I know this because the baby in the first photo is now the little girl in the current photo.
Man, have we been through some............. STUFF.
Five years ago, we were welcoming Caddie Othelia May Cooper into our lives. What a honey-bun. Kolten was about three years old and we probably should have included his Daddy in this photo session. Lacy and Shawn had gotten off to a rocky start, but he came around beautifully and eventually asked her to marry him in 2015. Unfortunately, that euphoria didn't last long and we lost Shawn only 28 days later in a horrific car accident. Lacy and Kolten, all of us, were devastated. For a little while, we weren't sure if we'd lose Lacy too, just from grief. Five-year-olds can be so resilient and Kolten taught us all how to deal with his daddy's death. It was just as much a part of his life as the fact that he was starting Kindergarten in the fall, and he told everyone so. He even asked Mommy one day if he could tell the UPS driver that Daddy had died. She finally told him that not everyone needed to know. smh...
Only three months before that, we were Blessed to welcome Hunter Reed Cooper into our family. Caddie's brother was quite the little charmer from the get-go and still is. Anne had finished her stint in the United States Marine Corps and was home again. Neither Hunter's nor Caddie's fathers were much interested in being part of their family so Anne was pulling triple-duty as mom and dad x2.
Which brings us to 2017. Our two daughters are quite amazing. Lacy has earned her LPN certification. Anne is an assistant teacher at a local daycare. Lacy has found a wonderful man, named Nick, who fits in with us very well and is a fantastic male role-model for Kolten. Kolten adores him and even Shawn's family approves. Anne has many suitors, but not one who she's willing to completely share their lives with yet. Time will tell.
So, here we are. Freddy and I are doing well. He's semi-retired and enjoying life, most of the time. He has his days, when his back is very sore and he walks like an old man. My knees are shot due to years of obesity and a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Doesn't help that I have very little motivation to do anything about it. I love my job in the school district and plan on staying there as long as they'll have me. I'm also greatly enjoying the fun I'm having digital scrapbooking for various creative teams (CTs) making layouts, managing teams and providing publicity for six designers now. Their links are on the right side. Over there >>>>>>>  Just updated the blog layout a bit too. I really have to make it a habit to get over here more often. I have layouts that you might like to see. I'll try better.
For now,
Be Good
Be Kind
Be Safe
Never let an opportunity to say 'I love you' pass
Love and Blessings

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