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Thursday, January 23, 2014

34 Things I Want You to Know About ME!

34 Things, huh?  Wow, this could be tough.  I'm kind of an open book, but I want to do this to prepare for a new project.  My story about me, before kids.........  I've joined an online scrapping class called Before Your Story and I've been following the leader's blog for quite awhile.  Well, this woman, Jennifer Wilson, is amazing and so generous with her scrapbooking ideas and prompts and THIS is one of them.  34 Things I Want You to Know About Me.  I really have to get back into this blogging thing, so what better way than to tell you, me, my girls, hubby, whomever more about me.  

I adore my girls.  It's definitely a chore sometimes.  I love them always, but there have been plenty of times that I haven't liked them.  That's something my mom taught me.  "I'll always love you, but sometimes I don't like you."  Well, thanks Mom, but I've had those words turned back on me.  Kinda stings when your words come hurling back at you.  I guess maybe it comes from a different generation.  I would never have spoken to my mom the way I've been spoken to, by my girls, at times.  But I wouldn't trade them for the world.  I love my girls.  They've grown into such amazing adults.  Sure, we're proud beyond words that our baby girl chose to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.  It's an incredibly hard job, but even more difficult for a female.  And now she's a mom.  She's a single mom, 1200 miles away from her family, doing it completely on her own and truly ROCKIN' IT!!!  And our oldest?!?  She's our first COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!  She did it on her own and with a baby the last two years.  Now she's decided that office work is not for her so she's going back to school to become a nurse.  An honorable profession, that not everyone is cut out for.  We're so very proud of both of them.  I don't think they know that all the time.  I hope they know that we're always here for them, no matter what.  It's what parents do.  

The concept of this new album is about me, before we (Freddy and I) had kids.  Remember, it's called Before Your Story.  So, it's going to be about me, before Freddy too.  The 34 things here is just a list of 34 things I want "you" to know about me that may or may not make it into the book.  Now, whether my girls will ever read these?  Who knows.  But this is some cool stuff.

1. I was born in Duluth, MN, but almost immediately moved to St Paul Children's Home to be adopted.
2. Duluth, MN is still one of my most favorite places on EARTH!
3. I made secret forts in the pine trees at the lake.
4. I could sleep in a hammock any time, anywhere.
5. Floating in the lake is still one of my favorite activities.
6. I find sunfish nibbling at my toes relaxing.
7. Music is my getaway.
8. I've read over 600 books, not that I'm keeping track.
9. I would love to be an artist.
10. I'd intended on being a social worker.
11. I was in 4-H for 10 years, as a member, a 2 as an adult ambassador.
12. I loved being 16 and hated being 17.
13. I can't wait to open the windows and doors the first time in the Spring.
14. I actually enjoy being alone and sometimes need to be.
15. I kept a journal from the time I was 10 until 20....I have no idea where it is or if it is still somewhere.
16. I sing.  ALL THE TIME.
17. I wanted to be in a band, or on stage, or in a show.
18. I played guitar and learned piano, sorta (thanks, Melanie)
19. Freddy and I were at the same concert, Eagles, Steve Miller, Pablo Cruise at the Met Stadium, before we met.
20. I hate shoes and would prefer not to wear socks either.......
21. I married my best friend.
22. I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Jim Croce died.
23. I love Easter...more than any other "holiday".
24. I wish I could any number of the woodworking tools in my garage.
25. I was taught to be a confident driver, although my children think it's aggressive.
26. I cry at Hallmark commercials.
27. I cry when our National Anthem is played.
28. I sang our National Anthem at the 2013 Relay for Life of Lakeville.
29. Reveille is my morning alarm.
30. And I listen to Taps every night at 2100 before saying my prayers.
31. I am SO grateful that my job allows me to work with kids part-time and do a lot of anal-retentive book-keeping part-time.
32. I talk too much.
33. I have a collection of goofy, fun desk toys.
34. I'd move to somewhere warmer, like South Carolina/Georgia, if I could take "Minnesota" with me.

NOW I have to add stuff........  I'm reading other people's lists and I find there are things there that I'd like to have here!  Maybe I'll get up to 54 for MY birthday this year.  So..........
35. My first car was a neon blue, 73 Ford Maverick.
36. My phone number growing up was 890-4009.....the area code changed three times while my parents lived there.
37. Mom and I were the only women who could dance the Lindy-Hop with Daddy......cuz he added an extra, little skip in there.....  I can't dance the Lindy with anyone else.  
38. I'm a closet motor-head.  LOVE muscle-cars.
39. I loved Gram's beer salami sandwiches and they don't taste the same when I make them now.
40. Pink, Wintergreen lozenges still remind me of Papa. 
41. I went to Kindergarten at Mrs. Minerich's house, with most of my life-long friends.
42. I'm a fonts whore.

WOW.  That took a bit of thinking!  I'm very excited about starting this new project.  
Love and Blessings!

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