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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scrapbook Challenge- April 5-11!!!

Not sure how much you can actually read, but the date is CLEAR! Yup, this was our 25th anniversary weekend in May of 2006.......WELL over a year ago (which was one of the....hrmpf....challenges....like that's a challenge)
Okay, so Freddy rents a 2006 Mustang convertible!!! RED!!! We jumped in and headed south along and WI side of The River. We did all of the schmaltzy-touristy stuff; stopped at EVERY wayside rest along Highway 35 and Lake Pepin, ate at Pier 4, walked over the train tracks, watched the lock-and-dams, had a drink at The Dam Saloon, oh yeah, we hit 'em all. We saw eagles, herons, cranes, and all sorts of other "fliers". And that was before we hit the airshow! We drove up to Lookout Point on Diamond Bluff, Maiden Rock and Granddad's Bluff for the wonderful views. The first night we stayed in Wabasha and had dinner at Slippery's, the "Home of Grumpy Old Men". The next day we drove up to Red Wing to have brunch at the Historic St James Hotel; it's one of the best in the state. After brunch we headed over to the RED WING airport which is actually IN WI!!! What we're they thinking?!?!?! The show was amazing, truly amazing!!! I could hardly believe that I was able to catch a shot of the major explosion in the re-enactment WITH the plane flying through. OMG!!! We met so many wonderful people. These men and women take such care restoring these planes and traveling so people can see and touch the machines that made our country great! Bruce flew down with his team in their T-6s and we chatted for awhile. He let me climb in! Freddy's biggest thrill was to touch and tour Miss Mitchell, his favorite B-29 aircraft. The weather was fully cooperative and so no extra clothing to haul around, but no sunburn either.
So, I thought we'd head towards home and stay at some little dive along the way since that's what we do.....but no. What I didn't know was that he'd made reservations for the Honeymoon Suite! back at the St James!!! We had the most beautiful room called "The Boardroom" because it actually had been, back in the day. Now it had this enormous 4-post-bed and fireplace and a jacuzzi right in the room!!! We had dinner downstairs in The Cellar and slept in the next morning. Finally, it's Memorial Day Monday and we start for home. We picked up Anne and went on the Memorial Day Tour (to the cemetaries) which was so much more enjoyable in a convertible; you have no idea! We're commenting on how sweet the ride is and how sad we're going to be to give it back..............no, he didn't buy it for me, BUT we did decide right then to play hooky the next day and cruise out to Lake Minnetonka and do "the route". Freddy grew up out there and has a particular route he travels to check out "the lake" and make sure everything's where it's supposed to be because, you know, nothing is ever supposed to change............
Whatever, I've gone on entirely too long already, but it was sooooo much fun and now it's recorded for posterity.
Love and Blessings All!
Happy Easter!
aka MiniCooper452


Michele said...

Wow that big picture is AWESOME!!! You did get a great shot and what a fun weekend! Love the LO, it makes it seem like they are all right there flying through the air! Very cool!

Oh and BTW, slacker, lol, you might want to change your blog background! hehehe (I just got mine changed from St. Pattys day so I shouldnt talk too loudly! lol)


Michele said...

Carla, I fixed it and added her link. But she can be linked to through the blinkies at the top of my page. As for adding a link list...go to customize. Add a gadget, then choose Blog list as the gadget. That should add them as links once you put their blog address in there.

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Love the picture! The weekend sounds like it was made for scrapbooking and wonderful memories!

Kay aka kdedid said...

What a great way to spend your 25th! Yes I read the ENTIRE entry! And your pics were fabulous! Our 25th is next year and we have talked about a cruise (we did that for 20), but your kind of awesome weekend sounds fun too. I will have to start mulling it over.

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