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Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrapbook Challenge! March 14-21!

Okay, very long story, very, very short. I'm a para-educator and I've worked with ASD students for 12 years. This is one of my original students from 12 years ago. I worked with Clay from the time he was in 8th grade until he graduated. About 3 years after graduation, I got an email from him at my school address over the summer. When I finally answered, he asked if he could take me out to dinner to thank me for helping him get through high school. Well, I was pleasantly stunned. We did go out, we began a wonderful, adult friendship and last year he told me that he and Amanda (who he'd introduced me to earlier) were getting married. After beginning to plan the wedding, he called and asked me if I thought that our daughter, Anne, whom they befriended as well, would like to be in the wedding. My answer was, "she'll probably jump on you and scream!". They took us out to dinner at Olive Garden, "our place", and guess what?!?!?! She jumped up and screamed, hugged them both and then started crying.
Last weekend, Saturday March 13, 2010, I don't know whom I was crying for more.....watching my former high-strung, anxious student, casually wander through the chaos of a wedding with a smile plastered across his face or my absolutely gorgeous daughter walking down the isle towards him with a look of adoration and pride that would rival that of a little sister marveling at her handsome, BIG brother......'kay, I'm tearing up here, so I'll sign off.
More pix and layouts to come.....
Love and Blessings.


Sheri said...

Great layout and nice picture of the happy couple!

Michele said...

Great layout and awesome story!

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