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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scrapbook Challenge- Jan. 15-22!

The last two weeks has been completely consumed with getting a 8x8 book ready for the my daughter, Anne's, Senior Lake-Liners banquet. I'm basically making the entire thing digitally and I needed pix and info from each girl. Well, as you know, some parents are right-on-the-money and others, you have to prod and prod and prod and you still don't get everything you need. Oh well. So I thought I share the title, fans, Anne's personal page, and her memories page. Each girl is getting the title and then the next three pages, personalized for her. And then each book will hold the girl's pages and copies of her co-seniors pic/future page.
I'm very proud of the end result. Here ya go!

Yup! That's my girl! She's gonna be a Marine! We're sooooo proud!

So, that's it. What'd'ya think? Be kind! ;)
Love and Blessings.

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Cherie said...

Great job on the challenge! :O)

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