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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 6...Person I'd Like to Trade Places With for One Day

This was really tough. I looked at several other's blogs about who they'd like to change places with and just wasn't inspired............not that they're choices didn't inspire me, but that I still couldn't come up with anyone. Well, I can't tell you precisely who it was, but someone wanted to change places with Oprah for a lot of reasons, but the one that struck me was being able to get things done with the money and influence she had.
Money and Influence...........
I've always thought that you can have too much money. I love the way Bill Gates and his wife give theirs away. Their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the world. And they've been credited as the 2 most generous philanthropists in America. Okay, so I really, really like them.
It occurred to me that if I could trade place with Bill Gates for one day, I could get some of that money for my pet charities, like the American Cancer Society, the Girl Scouts of America and my church..............and because we're in such dire straits here at home, I'd probably have to grab just a little bit of that money for myself to get us out of debt so we could start over. A little selfish? Yep!
So, that's it for this one. Maybe I'll do Day, 7, 8, and 9 to try to catch up a little.....
Love and Blessings.

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