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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PS Let's Get Festive Blog Train!!!

It's the MOST wonderful time ..... of the year!!!  Sing it with me!  Well, okay. Maybe you're not quite ready for the seasonal onslaught of shopping, wrapping, singing, and family.  I get it.  So, let's escape to a marvelous hideaway called Digiland!  The folks over at PixelScrapper have done it again.  You will not believe the fantastic offerings that the designers have created for you.  Paper, embellies and templates, OH MY!  (ooops, wrong season)

I had a lot of fun playing with this template.  While doing so, I created a layout for my own 2014 Christmas album.  My Aunt and Uncle always put on an amazing spread for Christmas Eve.  They don't let the reason for the season slip by either.  Every year, before any of the festivities, the children gather at the dining room table and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.  Last year, you'll see, that my cousin even created a real, edible Yule Log!  All of the papers and elements that I created and used in the layout are also included for you in the template zip!

Please be sure to share the love with the amazing designers over at PS.  They appreciate every word of thanks.

Head on over to my FaceBook page, aka Coop's Custom Creations, and snag a QuickPage made from the same parts and pieces.  Here's what you'll get.

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it for you.  Well, as I said, it is the most wonderful time of the year.  We've had a tough year, but we've survived.  Thanks to the love and support from friends and family and all y'all here in Digiland.  I can't tell you how much your words of comfort and encouragement have meant to our family as we've navigated this new world of life after death.  We're getting stronger everyday.  I want to share two additional things with you.  The first is a poem I was given after my Daddy died.  Then I took the picture on a vacation years later and the two just "fit".  It's now the card I give to anyone who's suffered a loss.  I "give" it to you, for any of you who want or need it.  Please feel free to share it with anyone who you believe needs it.  The poem has given me comfort all year long, but it means so much more at earthly Christmas time, when we can celebrate together.

And this is my Christmas Wish For You.  Health, Happiness, Joy, and Peace.  God Bless us, everyone!

Stay Safe.
Love and Blessings.


Tamara Fernandes said...

Thank you very much!

HypnoDebbi said...

Beautiful poetry! Thanks for the wonderful kit.

Pam K said...

Thank you!

R said...

Thank you for sharing your creations with us. :) I hope 2016 will be a great year for you. :)

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