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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is strange!

This is all Aanenson's fault! I'd read about blogging to keep track of journaling for scrapbooking. Aanenson said she had a blog. Aanenson sent me her blog address. I read it and it had a "create a blog of your own" icon. Now, here we are!

I remember journaling from high school and college. I got a lot of enjoyment from it. I burned those journals once upon a time! :)

So, here I go, into the world of cyber-journaling, writing down my feelings, emotions, wishes, desires for all the world to see. Let's see where it takes us today..............

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amy lou said...

Way to go COOPER! I knew you had it in you to be as cool as me! I think you will love blogging! We have to keep up with the world of technology or be smacked in the butt by it on the way out the door! We are, afterall, working with teens! So..I hope you enjoy the world of blog! Journal on! And this time...don't burn them. Enjoy your adventure. ala

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