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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

S2L Scrapbook Challenge: Dec. 28, 2008- Jan. 4, 2009!!!

Ever with your guy at a football game and notice his eyes wander over to the sidelines.......You know he's watching the cheerleaders. Well, in our case, it's okay because Anne's earned a spot on the danceline and it's one of the best in the state! She's having a ball! Now, some might say the danceline isn't a sport, but in Lakeville, there's no other team that practices the amount of time that the Lake-Liners do; 3 hours a day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Even the football players are amazed and impressed. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that the girls can kick their legs over their heads or jump up in a Russian leap and land in the splits........

So, here's my SPORTS layout. To heck with the game, the real entertainment is behind the bench!


Anonymous said...

Great job Carla...love the colors too...Vi

Michele said...

Beautiful LO!!!! I absolutely love it, including the school logo and such makes it terrific!

Barbara said...

Carla, Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your photos are wonderful. So full of life! I read your bucket list. Neat stuff on there. I need to make one.

Kay aka kdedid said...

Heck yes it's a sport! My daughter is a cheerleader & we also have pom girls that are very physically fit (more so than most of the players). Great layout! And red is my favorite color too. Also loved your bucket list.

Twisted Scrapper said...

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To answer your question:
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Please be sure to use the QP provided on my blog "Morning Angel", and then add your own creativity as well :)

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