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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Scrap Challenge (not all here, but.....210-20pages done=190)

Perhaps I should have actually listed the Astrology sign, but I think people who want to know can figure it out. The challenge was to find a picture of yourself when you "became an adult with your whole life ahead of you" and then to get some characteristics of your astrology sign and make a layout. I love a challenge, especially one that specifically tells me what to put on the page. I do feel like I'm quite imaginative and creative. I'm definitely a dreamer. My favorite color is red, but I find I scrap in blue more often than any other color with shades of teal and aqua being my very favorite.
I told Fred about this layout at dinner tonight and said that I was using "that picture of us right after we got engaged, where you were sitting in Mom and Dad's living room in one of the lowback chairs and I was on the arm, leaning into you...." He said, "I remember that picture!" We both thought about how great a time that was in our lives. We were just starting out, knowing that we didn't want kids for awhile so we could just enjoy being married and really getting to know each other. And we did! It seemed as if nothing could go wrong and our entire life WAS ahead of us. The kids came along 10 years later and we still have an amazing life!!!
Love and Blessings!

ps. I'm a Pisces.....

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