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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrapbook Challenge......(btw, 190-5=185 pages left in 2012)

Just had the most amazing trip at the end of last week. HAD to scrap it immediately.
So, here's the deal, my bestest online friend and fellow Marine Mom, Sandi Coast, just graduated from Army basic training and Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Yeah, she's 51 years old!!! This woman is phenomenal!!! All I did was drive 1200 miles in three days to surprise her and watch her graduate and receive the Inspiration Award. GO.....Google Sgt Sandra Coast! You get through 18 pages before you even begin to get "sgt", "sandra" and "coast" as separate words. There are over 200 posts on various news, blogs, media about this fantastic, Hard Corps, soldier!!!
I am proud to even call her friend!
Here's one article that just chokes me up.
And here's the video clip the local media did on the day of her graduation.
Love and Blessings.

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