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Thursday, May 15, 2008

What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expected generally happens. --Benjamin Disraeli

So, I guess I've been expecting spring to arrive.........yes, I know it's May 15, but spring has been a long time coming to Minnesota this year and I'm tired of waiting. Today is beautiful, however. And this morning I participated, for the 6th time, in our high school's Mock Car Crash. One would think it would put a damper on the day, but it has the completely opposite effect one me. I get totally revved-up. This is such an absolutely vital message to get through to these kids and it thoroughly driven home by seeing some of "their own" involved in a terrible, terrible tragedy that could be prevented.
This photo is actually from the MCC last fall at another high school as I haven't seen today's photos yet. It's such a powerful experience. We stage it sometime during the week of prom. One of my "children" is a fatality as is one of the "prom-goers". My "hubby-of-the-day" gets "detained" for trying to attack the student "drunk-driver". I have to be extracated from our vehicle and one of the "critically-injured" students is taken away by helicopter.
Given the weather of late, we were all quite concerned about what conditions were going to be like this morning. Well, God takes care and it was gorgeous. The audience of junior and senior students were awestruck and hopefully moved into making better choices not just this weekend but for the rest of their lives. I feel honored and blessed to take part in this re-creation every spring.

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