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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scrapbook Challenge! January 11-18!

You may finally have me and I'm scared.....................I got a load full of the cricut last weekend and I almost love it. Now mind you, the one I actually have at home is a used model that has no cartridges right now. It was an amazingly generous gift from the mom of the wonderful kiddos I babysit periodically. She's a sweet friend and checked it out to be sure it worked, but the seller just upgraded and wanted to keep the original cartridge. So, I didn't even try it out.......yet. I was at TWO different crops last weekend, both had cricuts and one even had the 12x12 cutter attached to the computer!!! Okay, I'm not quite THAT sold yet, but that one does actually belong to "the mom" AND she lives next door! So, I'm going to test drive several cartridges from the "Becky store" and see which one(s) I need to have to start my collection. The above title was done with the cricut, but I also did a layout with "Hockey is Life", "woof, yap, bark", and a "Tinkerbell" and "Piglet". Also discovered Glue Dots......Lulu is mounted with Glue Dots, pretty cool. Who would've thought that there was still product out there that I hadn't at least heard of?!?!?!?!


Michele said...

Cute pages! I really love the birds cut out and mounted and then (I am guessing glued on with glue dots! lol) I love the raised look of them!

Kay aka kdedid said...

The Lulu pages are so cute. I discovered terrifically tacky tape this weekend and am going to make a journal for my daughter with it. Glad you got to explore the cricut. I have never used any of the cartridges you used, but I do love exploring the ones I have.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Glue dots are incredible! Nice discovery!!! Love the pages too - so fun!

(Thanks for the update on Vi too on the Spark MB!)

I tagged you on my Blog - so check it out and play along if you'd like!

Spark On and Scrap Happy!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

LOL! OK Carla... you seem to have the whole 'tagged' thing under control! You find your photo - upload it to your blog in a new update - and tag six other people you know who blog... (either from blogs, or from Sparks who blog, or whatever?!) OR - if you don't follow six blogs (yet!) then just upload your own and leave it at that! You can do it!

Lynette said...

Hi! I just dropped in to say thank you for choosing to follow my blog! I LOVE your cockatiel LOs! I used to raise them and miss them so much. They are soooo sweet! Again, welcome! http://lynettesphotoart.blogspot.com

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