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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!!

Okay, give us two beautiful, above freezing days, then sock us back with negative temperatures and you'd think we'd died and gone to h---! Here's where I WANT to be right now. But, since that ain't gonna happen, I guess I'll just snuggle down with a good book, a good glass of wine, a roaring fire and my hunny-bud. Oh yeah, I gotta work until 3. Dang it! Well, that's what's on tap for tonight. Now, you want to see cold in Minnesota, check out this guys website-photo-gallery. Wow! http://www.northernimages.com/ He is incredible! I get chills just looking at some of his work. He's got some amazing picture of Lake Superior and the North Shore throughout the year. Take a peek!
Stay Gold.

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