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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things I want to do...Pictures I want to take

This may end up being kind of a "bucket list". No, I haven't seen the movie, but I like the idea. So, the plan is to edit this on a fairly regular basis to see how far I get and what ideas I get. I'm hoping that other people will see it and give me ideas as well. Here goes:

001 All 50 States
002 Build a snowman
003 Call someone I haven't talked to in more than five years
004 Dance in the rain
005 Do a charity walk/run
006 Finish College
007 Give a gift and expect nothing in return
008 Go all-out for Christmas….cookies, decorations, lights, windows, presents, traditions
009 Kiss in the rain
010 Learn how to ballroom dance
011 Learn one favorite song on the piano
012 Learn Tai Chi
013 Learn to change the oil on my car
014 Make a fantastic five-course dinner
015 Make a list of my 5 most annoying habits and work on them
016 Make a meal for someone who doesn't live at my house
017 Make a scrapbook about me
018 Make homemade salad dressing
019 Make pizza from scratch
020 Make something on a pottery wheel
021 Meet an old friend for coffee
022 Put together a large puzzle, glue it, frame it
023 Read by the fireplace
024 Re-Learn to speak a foreign language (french)
025 Sit in front of the fire on a snowy day
026 Soak in a zen bubble bath…candles, music, oils
027 Start and finish another painting
028 Stay outside for an entire day
029 Write a book
030 Write a letter now to my future grandkids
031 Write a letter to a friend
032 See the Northern Lights in Alaska
033 Visit Cooper's Landing
034 Grand Canyon sunrise/sunset
035 Skydive
036 Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
037 Spend at least three days at a dude ranch
038 Send a message in a bottle
039 Tour a vineyard and sample a good wine
040 Explore the routes of America's Underground Railroad
041 Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
042 Swim with the dolphins
043 Epcot/Disney/Cirque
044 Margaritaville
045 Key Largo
046 Hawaii
047 Shower in a waterfall
048 See a volcano
049 Go to a Luau
050 Mississippi Delta
051 Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
052 Sled down a massive hill
053 Canoe
054 Spend a night on an island in the BWCA
055 Sail a sailboat
056 Spend the night in a quaint bed-and-breakfast
057 Wake up to the sounds of the forest
058 Drive the Gunflint Trail
059 Mississippi Headwaters
060 Jump into a swimming hole
061 Rake a giant pile of leaves and jump in them!
062 Tell ghost stories around a campfire and make s'mores
063 Hang up a hammock…and USE IT!
064 Sleep under the stars
065 Take a sleigh ride
066 Eat at a fancy restaurant and order anything from the menu
067 Winter woods
068 Blindly pick a place on a map and visit it
069 Visit Minnesota "monuments" (World's Largest…)
070 Las Vegas Strip
071 Spend the night in a lighthouse
072 Fall in New England
073 Visit New York City at Christmas and go ice-skating
074 Visit Radio City Music Hall
075 Walk Broadway at night
076 Go to a Broadway show
077 Go dancing all night
078 Run through a sunflower field
079 Mount Rushmore
080 Badlands
081 Passion Play
082 Padre Island
083 Crystal Cathedral
084 Swim in the Great Salt Lake
085 Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC
086 Washington DC
087 Gettysburg
088 Grand Tetons
089 Redwoods
090 Old Faithful
091 Sequoias
092 Yellowstone
093 Drive a sports car/convertible with the top down and music blaring
094 Throw a surprise party
095 Wear a flower in my hair
096 Throw a HUGE party and invite EVERYONE
097 Climb a mountain
098 Go horseback riding on the beach
099 Drive Route 66
100 Mediate by a river's edge, on top of a mountain or by the ocean
101 Go all-out for an elegant cocktail party
102 Befriend someone who I didn't immediately like
103 Run a 5K
104 Walk through a field of daisies
105 Publish something
106 African safari
107 Visit the pyramids
108 Spend New Year's Eve in an exotic location
109 Canada
110 Quebec
111 Visit the Great Wall of China
112 Paris, Again
113 Louire valley castles
114 Tours, Again
115 Normandy
116 Cote d'Azur
117 Go to Greece
118 Go into and eat in an Authentic Irish Pub
119 Converse in Italian at a Tuscany market
120 Visit Rome
121 Ride a gondola in Venice
122 Go to the "boot heel"
123 Drink traditional tea in an outside café in London
124 Ride on the top of a double-decker bus in London
125 Baha
126 Mexico
127 See the sun rise on all 7 continents
128 Practice random acts of kindness
129 Forgive
130 Find a spiritual path
131 Make amends
132 Encourage my children
133 Accept myself
134 Find my passions and follow them

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