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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, that didn't last long. Okay, I got busy. I've got a cold coming on. And I've got a computer that's older than dirt, so the easiest place to blog is before and after work or durning breaks and I was pulled in three different directions there this week.

Fred and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. He'd sent me a dozen roses on the 13th, which is much cooler. We made steak and salad for dinner and shared some really good wine. The girls are having a tougher time. Lacy's not sure that she'll stay with her current boyfriend and Anne doesn't have a boyfriend. Man, Valentine's Day sucks as a holiday. There's so much expected if you have a partner and it's soooo depressing if you don't.
I did have an absolutely wonderful experience when, this week the trade magazine came out and I was featured with a former student who contacted me last fall to thank me for "getting him through the toughest years of his life" during high school. How cool is that?!?! So, that's us at lunch a few weeks ago. What a sweetie. That'll take care of my ego for the rest of my life! I made a difference!! WooHoo!!!

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