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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Went to the Young Americans show at CMS today. I took Anne and her friend Marissa. I thought it was wonderful. They were only slightly bored. Teenagers. They recognized most of the songs, so I had to give them a little crap for that. They were singing along with some, so I had to give them a lot of crap for that! They like to think they're "oh-so-cool" (in fact I'm sure that's not even the word for it anymore) when in fact they're still little kids trying to grow up and be accepted. God, I love 'em.

Now I'm working downstairs, on the computer.....duh, making a cd of some of the inspirational songs I've collected. We all need some inspiration sometimes and there's some really good stuff out there. For Good, That's What Friends Are For, My Wish, I Will Remember You, Stand, Lean On Me, Life Is Good, I Hope You Dance, Mountains, Wind Beneath My Wings, Burn, Dare To Dream, Life Is A Highway, Wonderful World. I'm also very active in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life so I've spent a lot of time coordinating music for various laps through the night.

Anyway, it's good to listen to the words and reflect, so that's what I'm doing. Fred just got home from work, Lacy's off at work, Anne's with a friend, LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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