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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not much to say. Crazy at home with both girls living there again. Lacy tried one semester at St. Kates and did wonderful, but didn't feel like she fit in so she's home again and attending Inver Hills until next fall. She's already been accepted at St. Cloud and Mankato and has to decide where she wants to live.
Anne is a freshman in high school and likes school and her teachers, but hates the day-to-day drama!! No kidding?!?!?! She comes home yesterday in a BAD mood and won't tell us why. Later last night she mentions almost getting in a fight at school. I said, "What?!?!" And she proceeds to tell me that someone came up to her out of the crowds, punches her in the gut, and walks away! A bunch of her friends kept her from retailating and I said, "WHY?!" She was worried about being expelled to which her dad and I said, "We didn't spend all that money for you to earn your black belt so that you wouldn't use it when you needed to defend yourself!"
Well, the discussion went round-and-round about fighting versus suspension, etc. and that we would back her up no matter what if she didn't throw the first punch. And Fred is up at the high school right now "chatting" with the principal, dean, behavior liason, and police liason basically saying, "If you can't keep our daughter safe in the halls of your building, we have given her permission to defend herself, WITHOUT REPERCUSSION from any of you." And if they can't handle that, then we'll have to get some lawyers involved and see how they like that. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, but really. Are they nuts?! They have video in every hallway, personnel walking the various hallways and TEACHERS who are supposed to be monitering the halls during passing time and they can't keep one student from taking a cheap-shot at another?!
Okay, I gotta calm down. Fred will take care of it and everything will get back to half-a**-normal.
Gotta Go. Stay Gold!

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