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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 5 - A picture of your favorite animal OR your favorite memory

Okay, my favorite animal in general (dog) or my favorite dog in particular, Bailey. I love dogs. I was raised with dogs. We always had a dog (or two or three) in the house. We have Bailey. Mom has Sunny (a yellow lab) and both brothers have their canines, one a weimaraner, the other an english spaniel and a springer. We've gone through cockers, poodles, gordons, and brittanys. We're dog people. And here's one of the reasons.......
My favorite memory is simply of my mom and dad together. They were the epitome of love in my book. They were also some of the best parents I've ever known. Not just my own, but any parents I've ever known. Mom's still one of my best friends and dad was just always......there. They were unconditionally loving to each other and to us. They were fair, though us kids didn't always believe it. They were fiercely loyal and completely supportive.
Unfortunately, he hasn't been "there" for almost 13 years now. Gosh, that's just amazing to think about....when I think about it. It seems like only yesterday that he died and then it seems like forever ago. I miss him so much. You know how they say that it gets easier with time? Nah, it doesn't get easier.....the times just get further apart. When I stop..............................and think about him, I miss him just as much and I cry just as much and it's just as hard not to have him here. The difference is that there are so many more times now that I can think about him and laugh.
So that's it for today......not days in a row, but still on a roll. Gonna get these 30 days-30 pix done............eventually.
Love and Blessings.

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