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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 2...I'm on a Roll!

The person I'm closest to...for the longest. Well, my very first thought was my very, best friend, Kerry. I met her when we were 3 years old. We grew up next door to each other and walked in and out of each other's home like they were our own. She's only 6 months younger than me but, due to birth dates, we were one grade apart. We got married two month apart and lived within 5 miles of each other all but 8 years of our lives (and three of them were before we met)!!!

Now I have to mention that THE person I'm closest to......and obviously have known for the longest is my mom.
She's absolutely the greatest. Okay, so she's a great mom, but she's also a really neat person. We haven't always gotten along (duh, I was a teenager at one time), but she's always been there for me through thick and thin. She listens more than she talks and only gives advice when I ask. We live far too far away from each other and that's only 53.6 miles. Yeah, so I've tracked it! So what?!?!
ciao for now!
Love and Blessings.

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