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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 4...my first little tweak of the list.....

Okay, here's the first tweak. One of the lists I found says today I should post a pic of my fav TV show......and that's okay, but I don't know that that tells a lot about me. Here it is anyway.....I rarely miss a week of Grey's and I'll be sad if it ever goes off the air..... I don't know that my favorite color tells a lot about me either BUT, my favorite color changed as of yesterday! Take a look.
I am totally in love with green................as long as it's on the face of my little one-year-old pumpkin!!! We had so much fun yesterday. Kolten really didn't know what all the fuss was about. He just knew there was fuss and he was LOVIN' IT!!! as the commercial says........... He also did have a grand 'ole time once he figured out that all of those pretty bags and boxes on the window seat were for HIM! Then he wanted them all and he wanted them now! Mind you, he didn't care what was inside..........he wanted the bags and boxes.... ; )

Happy 1st Birthday, little man!

Love and Blessings.

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